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The most important part of buying a new bathroom is getting the design and function right for your needs. At our showroom expert advice will cost you only some of your time. We can arrange a free home consultation and free quotation subject to survey at your request.

Designing Your Bathroom

To obtain the best design ask an expert. Advice and quotations are are free. A new bathroom is a long term investment and worth getting right.

What you should be consider.

  • Who is using the bathroom and any special requirements.
  • Can more floor area be created by reorganising the fittings.
  • Could two people share the space comfortably if  required.
  • Is the bathroom to be period design, contemporary or leading edge.
  • Fitted or modular furniture can improve storage and hide pipework.
  • How much tiling do I want or need.
  • What type of shower. Over-bath, walk in or cubicle.
  • Heating and towel warmers.
  • Lighting and decent ventilation.
  • Any windows need replacing.
  • Décor and accessories.
  • A well planned and expertly fitted quality bathroom will be a joy to use and enhance the value of your home. Poor quality fittings or poor installation could detract from both pleasure and the resale value.

If you are uncertain about the design or find it too tedious to check product catalogues,  websites and home improvement magazines. Give us a call 01865 479744. We can plan all elements of the bathroom to create a room to relax in after a hard day’s work or a stressful day at home. Their is nothing quite like soaking in a hot bath or standing under a drenching rain shower.

At The Bathroom And Kitchen Studio our staff can design and install a bathroom to your specific requirements both beautiful and functional. For a bathroom that meets your needs and surpasses your expectations. Get in touch today on 01865 479744 or online and speak to a dedicated member of our team.

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