Tips for Modernising Your Home

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Add value

Regardless of how much you look after your bathroom and kitchen decades of wear and tear will begin to show. Just like an old car they become tired and outdated. Unlike a car a new quality bathroom or kitchen will add value to your home for decades instead of depreciating  by £100s per month. Bring your kitchen and bathroom up to date. Give your home a lasting facelift that will add value, convenience and save you money.

We can make the process easy and affordable so that you can enjoy using your bathroom or kitchen again. Read on for some useful tips on how to modernise your home.

Kitchen appliances

Modern kitchen appliances are energy efficient and can help you save time, money and improve your cooking experience. Built in appliances like dishwashers, fridges, freezers, microwaves, coffee makers and wine coolers can help de-clutter and give a more spacious  feel. Technology has never been more affordable with induction hobs offering easy cleaning, no knobs and flush fitting into the worktop.


Fitted and modular furniture has brought style, storage and space to the modern bathroom. Digital showers have added remote control so that you never need to walk into a cold shower again. Wet floors maximise space, eliminate stepping up and can be used by most generations safely. Heated towel rails and underfloor heating can provide warm dry towels and a cosy environment. A well designed bathroom is a pleasure to use,easy to maintain and an asset to any home.

Choosing the right Company

With the internet full of dubious products and tempting prices, beware of fools gold. Use poor products and cowboy installers you will get what you paid for – a poor job. Use good products and cowboy installers who have little knowledge of fitting advanced merchandise you will end up disappointed. Our Company and we will plan, design, install and guarantee our work and we are available 24/7 should you need urgent help. At The Bathroom & Kitchen Studio we aim to add value to your home and maximise the customer experience.